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Monday, March 14, 2011

Solid youth sports values are worth promoting

 Perhaps if we crystallized what we try to write about at Taking You Beyond the Game it is this: we aim to  highlight values that ought to be promoted and reflected by all of us involved in youth sports.

Along these lines, many of our original articles appear on sites around not only Canada and the United States, but in many countries around the globe.

 Here are some examples of our articles available on the web:
We can all learn, whether we are six or sixty.  Attitudes can evolve and change for the better.  We can always do things a bit better when teaching, coaching and setting examples for our young.  There may not be too many “new” ideas in youth sports, but there are some, and we need to explore new approaches and examine and adopt “best practices”.  We need to discuss the best ideas “out there” openly and build on that and spread the word to ensure young people don’t lose their love of sport.

Young players need to have fun, enjoy the experience, but also learn about discipline, sharing, team work and the lessons that can be learned from “winning” and  “losing”.

Parents, schools, coaches, officials, Academies, Districts and Clubs—and young athletes themselves—all have important roles to play in making youth sports a great experience for everyone now and in the future.